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San Antonio Country House started in Chalchuapa in 1873. It is a family country house that has passed from generation to generation for more than two centuries, through which we want to show our national and international visitors more about our history and to provide a unique experience where they can find a variety of recreational activities, handicrafts workshops, hiking, and museum. You can find history about our cultura.

In San Antonio Country House, we offer hiking tours for groups of 20 or 25 people where they can appreciate the history and to know more about the Mayan cultura of the zone. You will find six archaeological mounds, older than Tazumal. At the same time, it is the biggest pyramid of El Salvador where you can hike and see El Chingo Volcano and La Olla Hill. We have greenhouses and fruit gardens where you can admire the beauty of nature and fauna of the place as well as colonial sites older than 600 years full of history. We also offer photography tours for those beauty nature lovers.

We also have our Handicrafts Stall, CAROLA. You can find a variety of handmade items with many colors and art of the zone, made with love.




Archaeological pieces found in Chalchuapa.

Two sculptures carved stone stelae and two fragments were found in the San Antonio Country House of this town.

SANTA ANA. An archaeological research conducted in the San Antonio, in Chalchuapa, allowed the removal of two sculptures that could be of “jaguar heads” carved in stone and two fragments of steles. Work began in March 2012, through the Ministry of Culture, in coordination with the University of Nagoya, Japan. Explorations began with a neo-ground monitoring result that left the location of monuments buried there.

Yesterday the National Office of Cultural Heritage held a conference called “Jaguar or bat?”, Which had directed the residents of the municipality and people focused on the tourism and cultural activities. The director of archeology of the Cultural Heritage, Shione Shibata, explained that the exposed parts date back more than two thousand years ago and that this is being clarified gradually

aspects of cultures like the Olmec, Mayan and Nahua, among others. Meanwhile, the owner of the country house, Carolina de Perdomo, said that these findings will help to meet our pre-Hispanic origins. “We have the largest pyramid of El Salvador in our garden. For us it means a lot and we want to share with everyone, “he said. This country house is owned by the Perdomo family since 1873 and five generations that have managed counted. Now the owners say they are working closely with the Ministry of Culture so that each piece has discovered proper treatment. The work will be resumed in the coming days.