It is a route created to let people know more about the most influential cultures in the world history of Mayan. Parks and interpretation centers and pyramids are part of El Salvador and the world with a testimony of those ancient roots. Up to now in the country, they are places to explore with cultural richness.


Bosque Salvadoreño del Café, has a wide biodiversity, history, traditions, folklore and the culture of work. This lifestyle can be experienced by the tourists to become part of the harvest and processing of coffee. Even though the process starts from the crop, the great ending is to enjoy an excellent cup of coffee, we are sure you do not want to miss it.


The objective of this tourist offer is to diversify in El Salvador. It must contribute to the improvement of the  Salvadoran Rural Communities’ lifestyle through the rural tourism development and the local development…


The association regularly promotes events in the city of Chalchuapa in order to promote and increase tourism in the city; and at the same time disclosed visitors Tazumal archaeological sites, Casa Blanca (with workshop had indigo) and Finca San Antonio